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Candy Crush’s Higher Purpose

drawing ccThis is the blog entry in which I will attempt to substantiate the time it took to play 76 saccharine levels of Candy Crush by labeling it research. I believe I can conjure a lesson or some candy crush marketing commandments so here goes… Continue reading

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Return of Twinkie: A Comeback Wrapped in Cellophane

american boxing gloveTo be honest, I’ve never eaten a Hostess Twinkie. But I still stop and cheer for Rocky Balboa, another one of America’s most treasured prepackaged items, every time I channel surf right into his seemingly impossible Drago matchup. So I saw Twinkie stumbling under the PR pressure of labor union discontent and I saw it waver from the gluten free right hook. I knew instinctively though, Twinkie might be down but would never be out.

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