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How to Tweet Your Way to More Twitter Followers

birdsThe definition of “Twittering” says everything you need to know about this phenomenon; it’s the act of uttering successive chirping noises. It’s therefore an extremely annoying but necessary evil for all businesses trying to show status and prove industry clout. The main reason people want more followers on Twitter is to build credibility behind their successive chirping noises and if you’ve got the will, there are quite a few ways to increase your follower count. Continue reading

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The Basics of An Elevator Pitch

20130806-203032.jpgOne of my favorite bloggers lately, Penelope Trunk, just posted about first impressions and thinking about this in a business context reminded me of a quote I once heard: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Assuming the person you’re giving a first impression to is still standing in front of you after they take in your visual impression (or even if they’re running away) the first words out of your mouth (or that you yell as they flee) need to be crafted for maximum verbal impression. Continue reading

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Where Customer Surveys Go Wrong

where customer surveys go wrongAfter a particularly challenging time trying to fly home on Delta (NYSE: DAL) this past weekend, followed by my observation of countless disgruntled users on Twitter (@modernmarketeur) Friday morning as they reacted in real, albeit overly punctuated, time to today’s HostGator outages I finally caught the customer service blog entry inspiration the universe had laid at my fingertips. I wonder, where are businesses going wrong with customer service? Continue reading

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How to Turn Facebook Likes into Customers

thumbs upIt’s the year 2013 and you’re in business. You no doubt have a Facebook page, or at least know that you should. You may already have a following and you probably receive “likes” if you post on a regular basis. You might even watch your like numbers climb and think that you’ve got a good measure of social media marketing effectiveness. Ignore that number and read on. Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Finds Fool’s Gold

On Wednesday 7-18-2013, iconic Rolling Stone magazine went for rookie mistake gold and didn’t stick the landing. If you don’t know what happened, Google it (or don’t). I won’t be naming names just for the sake of improving my SEO searchability. We’ve all watched inappropriate viral videos turn no-name companies into social brands overnight – that’s rookie mistake gold. Enough buzz around even the most vulgar hidden camera prank creates honey. However, if you own an established company, even if it’s known for controversy, even if it’s known for cutting-edge content, there is a line between all press being good press and bad press being bad press. And bad press is bad for your brand.

mCd1dv5jeLwsxxzFW4rwh7AOnce you’ve successfully built your brand, your customers will expect you to play to some degree within the bounds of that brand. Here are 3 out-of-bounds moves that your established brand can make: Continue reading

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Tweet Like Your Salvation Depends on It


The recent Vatican offer of online credit toward getting into Heaven (@pontifex__ln)may be a sign of their concern with the dwindling influence of the Catholic Church but it’s also a testament to just how important social media has become. It doesn’t matter if you are a part-time blogger, a small business or a huge corporation – you have a brand. And if you have a brand with any hope of growing it, you cannot ignore the opportunity to do so through  social media. Continue reading

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Internet Marketing is Dead: Make Way for Social Branding

scott-campbell-dollar-art-heartIf you’ve ever put a powered off cell phone to your ear and enthusiastically confirmed last minute dinner plans or purported to be the vital recipient of a sole jail cell phone call while shopping for a mattress then you’re too smart to get sold by this article, so read on because there’s no pressure.

The number one thing that irritates me when I’m shopping is the feeling like I’m being sold. The only thing left that I actually ever set out to buy from a brick and mortar store is a mattress so for the purpose of this non-pitch for social branding services let’s focus on that unrestful experience.

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Writing A Blog Introduction

ombre penny“It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You”

Start with who you are. If you consider my birth my first successful start-up business then I’ve been at it awhile. Fast forward through the uptrend of my youth and my professional career has evolved from the neon thresholds of retail storefronts to the heavy mahogany doors of law firms, with one perseverant theme: sales. Everyday we convince those around us to see our point of view through our many forms of communication. To me, that’s sales and that’s where it all starts.

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