How to Tweet Your Way to More Twitter Followers

birdsThe definition of “Twittering” says everything you need to know about this phenomenon; it’s the act of uttering successive chirping noises. It’s therefore an extremely annoying but necessary evil for all businesses trying to show status and prove industry clout. The main reason people want more followers on Twitter is to build credibility behind their successive chirping noises and if you’ve got the will, there are quite a few ways to increase your follower count.

First off, Twitter will give you back what you put into it.  You can’t just chirp all day and expect people to want to listen to you. First off, (1) You must improve your profile. Upload a real headshot and design a consistent background (Twitbacks is a great free background creation tool) to match. Does your @username represent your business correctly? Might be a good idea to ditch @internetuser and pick something that clearly identifies you or your business, like your name for instance.  Also, make sure you’ve got a feed of tweets that visually reinforces your brand’s message. Eliminate tweets with too many hashtags and double check your links for accurate content and spelling. Retweet with discretion – this is your/your business’) stamp of approval, after all. (2) You must interact. This means: attending tweet-ups, asking for re-tweets and joining tweet chats via the designated hashtags. If you spend all your time promoting yourself people will get bored and stop following you. If you are actually getting people tweeting in response to your feed, respond to them! Thank them for following you and follow them back. Walk the line between being enthusiastic and annoying (remember that kid in high school who tried too hard?). To this point, the next thing is (3) You must create interest. Sending out teasers that link back to you blog or tweeting in the form of question + link will encourage people to interact with you. Creating copy that creates conversation is ideal and it leads me to (4) You must optimize your tweets. Use the 140 characters you’ve got for all they’re worth by considering your target audience and including words, hashtags and phrases that hone in to their twitterspheres like perfectly targeted SEO missiles. Lastly, (5) You must stay at it. If you’ve followed someone who didn’t follow you back, unfollow them. Using platforms like Hootsuite, keep your chirping continuous. Unless you suddenly become a celebrity the likes of @aplusk then the most you can hope for is that have an active and interested network of followers who will keep your finger on the pulse of your target audience and who you can consider part of a solid social marketing and branding strategy.

And always keep in mind that it’s better to have 100 people who care about you, your brand and your business than 10,000 who don’t.

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One thought on “How to Tweet Your Way to More Twitter Followers

  1. Anthony says:

    More great ideas and insight. This is a breath of fresh air. Always look forward to the read. Keep it coming.

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