Candy Crush’s Higher Purpose

drawing ccThis is the blog entry in which I will attempt to substantiate the time it took to play 76 saccharine levels of Candy Crush by labeling it research. I believe I can conjure a lesson or some candy crush marketing commandments so here goes…

Three is good, but four does more.  My participation in the Candy Crush ploy started after a friend of mine mentioned it in passing. Sheer curiosity took over and it’s been downhill research ever since. Your existing customers are your most powerful connection to new business. Get them talking, and give them a reason, any reason, to talk about your product. Word will spread quickly.

Earn your stripes. The concept of a game in which you match a certain number of candies/blocks/whatevers is not new and neither is your business. If you take just one minute, you can quickly use the power of good SEO to Google your competition. Find your edge and figure out a way to make your business better and different in some way.

No free lunch, but it’s free to crush. The Candy Crush game download is free which means that all the revenue they are generating is coming from users who are already within the game. What can you give away in your business that is just enough to bring in a new paying customer?

It’s ok to ask for lives. Candy Crush has got many of their users out there working for them like some crazy miracle juice pyramid scheme simply by allowing them to use social media outlets like Facebook to ask their friends for lives and connect with people who may not already be playing the game. How can you make your business a place people not only want to be, but want their friends to be too? You must not ignore the need to be social in this day and age.

You will eventually get the sprinkled donut color bomb. Business is always about persistence. I recall statistic about it taking 6 points of contact before your target will even open your email/mail/tweet, let alone remember you. Stay at it long enough and your business development and marketing efforts will pay off!

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