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How to Make Your Business Feel Better

canstock8229089Everybody knows that there is an inevitable point or two during a shopping trip with me when they will hear the exasperated exclamation “Of course!” after I’ve proven for the umpteenth time my unintentional yet consistent ability to select high quality items and consequently, more expensive items than I should ever be given the option to buy.  It’s a gift and a curse but it’s more than that too. Continue reading

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Stop Killing Your Social Brand

twitter-hash-tag-abuse-spamI see so many brands missing the “social” aspect of social branding and burying their chances of success. Here are some ideas for stayin’ alive.

Know your audience. Did you know that Facebook has a different audience than LinkedIn? You need to know who you’re reaching through each social media outlet so that you can tailor your messages accordingly. Set yourself up for success with some word association reminders: Facebook – Friends, LinkedIn – Look Professional, Twitter – Interact.

Be consistent. Focus on a few specific identifying characteristics or core values of your brand. Make sure your profiles all promote your brand in a similar visual way- Target (NYSE: TGT) hits the mark by not overwhelming us with logo repetition but instead, using creative design in the same color scheme and fonts.

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Internet Marketing is Dead: Make Way for Social Branding

scott-campbell-dollar-art-heartIf you’ve ever put a powered off cell phone to your ear and enthusiastically confirmed last minute dinner plans or purported to be the vital recipient of a sole jail cell phone call while shopping for a mattress then you’re too smart to get sold by this article, so read on because there’s no pressure.

The number one thing that irritates me when I’m shopping is the feeling like I’m being sold. The only thing left that I actually ever set out to buy from a brick and mortar store is a mattress so for the purpose of this non-pitch for social branding services let’s focus on that unrestful experience.

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Return of Twinkie: A Comeback Wrapped in Cellophane

american boxing gloveTo be honest, I’ve never eaten a Hostess Twinkie. But I still stop and cheer for Rocky Balboa, another one of America’s most treasured prepackaged items, every time I channel surf right into his seemingly impossible Drago matchup. So I saw Twinkie stumbling under the PR pressure of labor union discontent and I saw it waver from the gluten free right hook. I knew instinctively though, Twinkie might be down but would never be out.

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