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How to Get Something Done When You Don’t Want to do Anything

os buttonYou know it’s a rainy Friday afternoon when each screen of your dual monitor setup exactly mirrors the moment to moment conflict of conscience you’re battling. On the left screen:  the allure of an instant email confirmation from the online store of your choice announcing that you’ve managed to spend today’s still-pending paycheck deposit without the messy hassle of having moved. And on the right screen: the righteous pursuit of diminishing the stack of invoices, bills and other such dull drudgery on your desk by updating QuickBooks in the noble name of making Monday that much less…Monday. Continue reading

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Writing A Blog Introduction

ombre penny“It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You”

Start with who you are. If you consider my birth my first successful start-up business then I’ve been at it awhile. Fast forward through the uptrend of my youth and my professional career has evolved from the neon thresholds of retail storefronts to the heavy mahogany doors of law firms, with one perseverant theme: sales. Everyday we convince those around us to see our point of view through our many forms of communication. To me, that’s sales and that’s where it all starts.

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