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Tweet Like Your Salvation Depends on It


The recent Vatican offer of online credit toward getting into Heaven (@pontifex__ln)may be a sign of their concern with the dwindling influence of the Catholic Church but it’s also a testament to just how important social media has become. It doesn’t matter if you are a part-time blogger, a small business or a huge corporation – you have a brand. And if you have a brand with any hope of growing it, you cannot ignore the opportunity to do so through  social media. Continue reading

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Internet Marketing is Dead: Make Way for Social Branding

scott-campbell-dollar-art-heartIf you’ve ever put a powered off cell phone to your ear and enthusiastically confirmed last minute dinner plans or purported to be the vital recipient of a sole jail cell phone call while shopping for a mattress then you’re too smart to get sold by this article, so read on because there’s no pressure.

The number one thing that irritates me when I’m shopping is the feeling like I’m being sold. The only thing left that I actually ever set out to buy from a brick and mortar store is a mattress so for the purpose of this non-pitch for social branding services let’s focus on that unrestful experience.

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