How to Turn Facebook Likes into Customers

thumbs upIt’s the year 2013 and you’re in business. You no doubt have a Facebook page, or at least know that you should. You may already have a following and you probably receive “likes” if you post on a regular basis. You might even watch your like numbers climb and think that you’ve got a good measure of social media marketing effectiveness. Ignore that number and read on.

Facebook likes are a great way to spot what excites people and gets them engaging with your brand but the number you should focus on is on where the loop is closing between the like and someone taking the most wanted action (usually a product or service purchase). Relying on broad statistics and estimates won’t help you. You need to reverse engineer your customer data before you can figure out whether a like is worth counting and in order to get customer data you need customers. Here’s how to turn Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) likes into customers:

If you see a post getting a tons of likes  think about where else you can promote it and ramp up the advertising on that particular product or service. People attract more people and before you know it, you’ve got buzz.

Create fan-only offers  We’re all sick of 10% off coupons, aren’t we? Consider offering something truly unique by partnering exclusively with a complementary business. Selling photography services? Create a deal that offers fans a free frame from your friend’s Etsy woodworking shop.

Create Facebook-only offers  It’s important to keep your brand consistent but you don’t want to make every social media outlet identical. Try putting together a Facebook-only promotion to incentivize followers to stay up to date on your brand using every available social media platform.

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2 thoughts on “How to Turn Facebook Likes into Customers

  1. I found this post particularly helpful. Would actually like to hear more on building your social media audience and turning them to clients. Specifically through Facebook where it’s sometimes hard to reach new people through privacy settings.

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