Rolling Stone Finds Fool’s Gold

On Wednesday 7-18-2013, iconic Rolling Stone magazine went for rookie mistake gold and didn’t stick the landing. If you don’t know what happened, Google it (or don’t). I won’t be naming names just for the sake of improving my SEO searchability. We’ve all watched inappropriate viral videos turn no-name companies into social brands overnight – that’s rookie mistake gold. Enough buzz around even the most vulgar hidden camera prank creates honey. However, if you own an established company, even if it’s known for controversy, even if it’s known for cutting-edge content, there is a line between all press being good press and bad press being bad press. And bad press is bad for your brand.

mCd1dv5jeLwsxxzFW4rwh7AOnce you’ve successfully built your brand, your customers will expect you to play to some degree within the bounds of that brand. Here are 3 out-of-bounds moves that your established brand can make:


  1. Your brand is cutting-edge: Don’t confuse that with radical.
  2. Your loyal customers identify your brand with apples: Don’t try selling them worms.
  3. You’ve got something great to say: Don’t put an insurmountable obstacle in the way of getting your followers to hear it.
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