Writing A Blog Introduction

ombre penny“It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You”

Start with who you are. If you consider my birth my first successful start-up business then I’ve been at it awhile. Fast forward through the uptrend of my youth and my professional career has evolved from the neon thresholds of retail storefronts to the heavy mahogany doors of law firms, with one perseverant theme: sales. Everyday we convince those around us to see our point of view through our many forms of communication. To me, that’s sales and that’s where it all starts.

Why are you blogging? I want people searching the internet using any number of marketing SEO search terms, business marketing questions, business consultant opinions, brand consulting companies and generally creative and entrepreneurial blogs to end up here and have one moment when they think “I’m in the right place.”

What will you be blogging about? My point of view on everything business, sales and marketing related, and not just in the context of making money. There are plenty of good discussions to be had within the many facets of the everyday applications of these words and concepts.

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